Things I Love

Barqs Tested & Approved!
Here is some of my favorite Stuff!

Things I Love!

These are a few things that I love and have at my house.  If I didn’t love it and use it myself, I wouldn’t share it with you.  I should also remind you that my Momma is a veterinarian so she’s already done the research to make sure anything that I get is the best of the best.



Go Bandanas!
Everyone loves a stylish bandanna and Go Bandanas offers great quality bandannas at great prices!  Use discount code BARQS15 and save 15% on your purchase!

I also LOVE my Furbo Dog Camera!  My humans love to drop in and check on me and also flick me treats! Confirmation Code: GDBCMCCS172067665

If it’s listed here it’s Barqs tested and approved!

Love, Barqs The Cattle Dog

Just A Few Of The Things I Love
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There is no greater day of the month than #BarkBoxDay!  The pure excitement and joy of tearing into my monthly BarkBox should be obvious from the video below.

Dr. Momma loves the quality of the treats and chews (all natural, not filled with wheat or corn, and made in the USA) in my BarkBox and I love the toys!  Every month there is a theme and this month it was a prom theme!  I’m sure if your humans will sign you up for a monthly BarkBox you will enjoy it too.  Please use my link to check them out:

Young Living Essential Oils

My Momma loves Young Living Essential Oils for both her & Daddy but also for us dogs!  For us dogs there are three products that we use: Animal Scents Shampoo – Roxie recently had skin issues so Momma quickly switched us to this shampoo and she loved it; T-Away – is great for stressful situations (like the pyro neighbors shooting fireworks), but we also use it when it’s time to go to bed; the tasty Animal Scents® Dental Pet Chews for a teeth cleaning chew.  Momma loves Young Living so much she became a distributor!  If you could log on by clicking here: YOUNG LIVING and click either to become a member or retail customer, then go to the search bar and search for Animal Scents – it will take you to the page where you can see all of those products and more!


Purina Pro Plan

Remember my Momma is a veterinarian, she’s done the research and isn’t fooled by fancy advertising. I eat the Purina Pro Plan Focus for Puppies formula.  My 13-year old ACD mix sister Roxie eat the Purina Pro Plan Bright Minds formula for senior dogs and Momma sees good changes in her mental functions.  We also get a little (like a teaspoon!) of Purina Pro Plan Wet Food mixed into our dinner each night and Roxie gets Purina Pro Plan Fort Flora, which is a nutritional supplement with probiotics to help prevent inflammation.  We also enjoy the Purina Veterinary Diets Dental Chewz from time to time.  I guess you could say that we are #PurinaDogs!

Purchase Purina Pro Plan by CLICKING HERE or SUBSCRIBE and get it sent directly to you each month like we do!


PetSmart Dog Training

I have graduated from both my Puppy Class & an Intermediate Class at my PetSmart #1175 in Metairie, LA.  I like to think it as Puppy University!  My teacher Professor Katie Allemand has been great.  This little cattle dog highly recommends her if you happen to live in our area.  If you don’t live near me click this link PetSmart Dog Training to see if they have a class near you!

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Mat

Every time I post a photo of my Outward Hound Fun Feeder Mat online I get so many comments about it.  Dr. Momma says it’s good for me to have to think a little more when I’m eating and I just think it’s fun! It can also be used for dogs that eat too fast and need to be slowed down a little. She likes to add other fun things in with my kibble so you see a couple pieces of strawberry, a couple of blue berries, some banana, some chicken, bell pepper, and even a little bit of yogurt too. Yummy!

Get your own Outward Hound Fun Feeder Mat right here:

LED Safety Dog Collar

It’s always safety first at our house!  Both Roxie and I have these Blazing Safety LED Collars fir our early morning or after dark walks,  These new collars are RECHARGEABLE so you plug them in with the included cord and charge it right up.  Once again, if we didn’t have it and use it ourselves we wouldn’t recommend it to you.