I got a new sleepy kennel today!

Since my Momma & Daddy let me start sleeping in their bedroom I’ve slept in a kennel because I’m not trusted to free range in the house and the human’s bedroom has always been Roxie’s space.  I came to the bedroom when I had my spay surgery and my Momma brought home a big kennel from her hospital.  Well, that big carrier needs to go back in case they get an injured pelican or hawk so Daddy ordered me my own sleepy spot.


As usual daddy went to Amazon.com to find something for me, My big kennel I spend my days in came from Amazon and it’s the “AmazonBasics” brand that they are surprisingly half the price of the kennels in big box stores.  He got the same kennel for me to sleep in but in a smaller size that will fit in the bedroom. I highly recommend these kennels and they come in a wide variety of sizes as well as one and two door models.  You can check them out at the link below!