About Me

I'm a cattle dog with BITE!


My FamilyPuppy U

Born: December 12, 2017
Robeline, LA USA
at Ammons Cowdogs

Currently reside:

Metairie, LA USA
(suburban New Orleans)

Hello my friends, I’m Barqs a young Australian Cattle Dog (commonly called a Red Heeler) and I live in suburban New Orleans, Louisiana. I was born in Robeline, Louisiana at Ammons Cowdogs my cattle dog dad is Boyd and my mom is Melody. I had one brother born with me, his name is Henry and through the power of social media I have located him.  Henry lives in Shreveport, LA with a very nice family.

When my Momma & Daddy where trying to come up with a uniquely New Orleans name and were trying to think of things that were red since I’m a red heeler. At first Daddy thought of red velvet cake but thankfully that didn’t happen. Then Daddy came up with Barq’s Red Cream Soda and after a little convincing Momma agreed that I could be named Barqs. Many people think I’m named Barks, but even though I’m not a huge barker the double entendre of that sound a dog makes and my name keeps it interesting.  I am an American Kennel Club member and my official legal name is Barqs Red Cream Soda.

Since moving to New Orleans, I have a new human Momma, Daddy and a cattle dog sister, Roxie. I’m now party of a large multi-species family that includes us dogs, two birds a cockatiel & an African grey, a guinea pig, a flemish giant rabbit, lots of fish, a couple axolotls and even a couple of poison dart frogs.  Sadly, our family lost my big sister Roxie on March 14, 2019,  Meet my entire family below.

My humans

Momma & Daddy

I have a great Momma & Daddy and they spend a lot of time with me and take me to fun places.  My Dr. Momma is a veterinarian who exclusively sees exotic pets, sometimes I even get to go to the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana with her.  My Daddy runs a giant building and every once in a while Momma will bring me over there to visit him at work. I like to go there because I can run all over!  Here are videos from Momma work and Daddy’s work when I get to run and play!

Meet My Family

Dr. Momma (DVM)

Adult - Female


Adult - Male


Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Senior - Female


African Gray
Adult - Male


Adult - Male


Flemish Giant
Adult - Male


Guinea Pig
Adult - Male


Adult - Male


Adult - Female

Big Fish

Fresh Water Assorted
Adult - Male & Females

Little Fish

Fresh Water Assorted
Adult - Male & Females


Dragon Scale Betta
Adult - Male


Counting Crow

Adult - Male

The Frogs: Azure & Michigan J. Frog

Poison Dart Frog

Juvenile  - Gender unknown




Never Stop Learning

Puppy University

I love to learn!  At 9-months old I had already graduated from THREE classes at Puppy University (you might know it as PetSmart, but I call it Puppy U.).  First, I had a 6-week “puppy class” which I call my freshman class.  It was pretty easy and I moved though that one pretty quickly.  My second 6-week class was my “intermediate class” and it was a little more challenging.  My sophomore class we worked on things like HEEL, LEAVE IT and the really hard one was COMING WHEN CALLED WITH DISTRACTIONS like a toy or treat between my starting and finishing point.  It’s hard to pass up a toy or treat!  Most recently I graduated from the Advanced Class at Puppy U..  This class was to prepare me to take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test.  I’m currently doing a little extra work before I sign up for to take the CGC test.  You can learn all about the CGC here: https://www.akc.org/products-services/training-programs/canine-good-citizen/  

When I pass the CGC I will earn the CGC suffix which I can add to the end of my official name.  The AKC offers lots of titles you can earn.  You can see all of the titles here:AKC Titles

My teacher at Puppy U, is Katie but I call her Professor Katie.  I like to work with her, she is very nice. She was my teacher for all three of my classes,  I hope after I finish my classes that I might learn to run an agility course or other sports the AKC offers.  Being a cattle dog, I’m very athletic and I think it would be fun.  Being so young I’m not supposed to run or jump until I grow up more so for now my humans are limiting me to classes and learning a lot of commands.  I look forward to more athletic pursuits (and running and jumping!).



petsmart dog training
I love my training at PetSmart and I think you would too!  You can read all about dog training at PetSmart here: PetSmart Dog Training.  My Trainer is Katie Allemand and teaches at PetSmart #1175 in Metairie, Louisiana. You can contact Katie directly at kallenman@uno.edu.

Some of my photos from Puppy University

I love to go to school!

Working in class with my Momma in Puppy Class

Working with Daddy in Puppy Class

Working with Professor Katie in my Puppy Class

My first graduation!

Puppy Class graduation with Momma & Daddy

Puppy Class graduation with my teacher Professor Katie

I'm off to Intermediate Class at Puppy U

Momma & me working in my Intermediate Class

Working with Prof Katie in Intermediate Class

I'm really paying attention Daddy

Intermediate Class graduation a week before I turned 6-months old!

Intermediate Class graduation with my Momma & Daddy

Intermediate Class graduation with my Professor Katie

Momma & Daddy are so proud of me they keep my diplomas on the refrigerator.

Daddy made another video

Graduation Day